Planned Giving and Major Gifts

Become a Hospice Hero

Hospice Hero Monthly Giving Program

By becoming a monthly supporter, you are joining a caring group of people committed to providing quality end-of-life comfort care and bereavement support in Southeast New Brunswick.

Your donation will:

Provide support throughout the year to ensure that Hospice SENB can provide quality professional care at the end-of-life & help us ensure equitable access to services at no cost to individuals and their families.

As a monthly supporter, you will receive:

Our sincere gratitude for becoming a very important Hero for Hospice.

Experienced palliative care team

Legacy Giving

Beyond an individual’s life is a legacy, one that is truly unique. How we choose to leave our mark, to make a difference can have a lasting impact on our loved ones and the community.

Planned Giving options provide potential savings now and in the future. Hospice SENB recommends that you seek professional advice from your financial advisor to determine the method of giving that is most tax-effective for you.


What is a Planned Gift?

A planned gift is any major gift made during a donor’s lifetime or at death as part of their financial
and/or estate planning. This can take many forms:

Comforting end-of-life support


This is a notice of a gift that has been left in someone’s will to a person or a charity.


This is the act of taking out a life insurance policy naming a charity as the beneficiary.


This is an option whereby charities can be added as the beneficiary of the balance of an RRSP or RRIP. Please note that this money does not go through probate.

Please contact Hospice SENB if a legacy gift was made or intended to be made in a letter of your intentions, or by contacting us at 506-797-0011. Thank you for leaving your legacy to Hospice SENB.



Make a Tribute Gift in Memory or in Celebration

To honour someone’s memory in supporting a cause or service they value is a meaningful gift.


Give in Memory

You can honour the the passing of a loved one or a friend by making a tribute to Hospice SENB. Your gift will be acknowledged with a tribute card sent to the family informing them of your thoughtfulness.

Give in Celebration

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday with a tribute gift. Your gift will be acknowledged with a tribute card sent to the individual(s) informing them of your thoughtfulness.

Give in Honour of Friends and Family

Your gift will be acknowledged with a tribute card sent to the individual(s) letting them of your gift.

Contact Us

Have questions about donations? Please contact Hospice SENB from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm (AST) at 506-797-0011, or email [email protected]