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Wish List

We appreciate receiving donated items that help enhance the care provided to residents and their families. Support the team at Maison Albert House by choosing items from the “wish list”.

You may choose to purchase them online and ship directly to use. Please visit the  Amazon Wish List here.

All donations qualify for a tax receipt if a sales receipt for the items is provided. Please note, that items must be new.

Thank you for your support. Your donation makes a difference in the lives of residents and their families every day.


Wish List

Household & personal supplies

Plastic food wrap pellicule de plastique

Aluminum foil

Wax paper

Parchment paper

Ziploc freezer bags

Liquid laundry detergent

Fabric softener sheets

Affresh washing machine cleaner


Dishwashing pods

Dishwashing liquid

Softsoap handshoap

Windex window cleaner

AA Batteries

AAA Batteries

Hand sanitizer

20” x 22” clear garbage bags

Gift cards



Wal Mart


Food supplies

Dairy products (milk, 35% cream, ice cream, butter, cheese, eggs, yogurt)

Meats (turkey, ham, chicken, roast beef, ground beef, bacon, pork

Fresh fruits (bananas, oranges, apples, berries, mangoes)

Fresh vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions, corn, squash, celery, broccoli, etc.)


Chicken and beef broth

Juices (apple, orange and cranberry)

Canned pop (gingerale, coke, pepsi)

Flour, sugar and brown sugar

Chicken and beef broth

Raisins and chocolate chips

Salt and pepper, vanilla extract

Vegetable oil, olive oil

Jello, pudding and apple sauce

Pasta / Pâtes (macaroni, spaghetti)

Tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, ketchup


Quick oats


How to Donate

Donating clothes and goods is easy. We accept items such as clean, gently used clothing, blankets, personal care products, and more. Simply drop off your donations at our designated collection points or contact us to arrange a pickup. Every contribution you make helps us create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our patients and their families.