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Your experience can be a beacon of hope for others. Whether you've been touched by the compassion of Hospice SENB, volunteered with us, or supported our cause, your story can inspire and comfort those facing similar challenges.




Real Stories, Real Impact

At Hospice SENB, the essence of our mission resonates through the personal experiences shared by those we've had the honor to support. These stories serve as a testament to the significance of our work and the meaningful impact we strive to create in our community.

Experienced palliative care team
James' wish was simple yet profound - to spend an afternoon fishing with his grandchildren. With the support of Hospice SENB, this wish came to life, and the laughter and joy shared that day were a testament to the power of granting wishes during challenging times.
The Wishful Moment
Comfort-focused end-of-life care
Being a volunteer at Hospice SENB has been a profoundly enriching experience. The opportunity to support individuals and their families during vulnerable times has not only taught me the value of compassion but has given me a deeper understanding of the human spirit
Volunteer Experiences

Your story matters. Your actions matter.

Together, let’s create a network of compassion and support. Your experience, whether shared, volunteered, or supported, can make a profound difference in the lives of those facing life-limiting illnesses.