Maison Albert House is a 10-bedroom resident facility with four family rooms, indoor and outdoor public areas, a commercial kitchen, non-denominational meditation room, medical staff areas, and free parking.

Medical care is provided by a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and support staff in a beautiful home-like environment.

Maison Albert House welcomed its first resident on July 29, 2021. 


Residents are admitted voluntarily from either their home or direct from the hospital. Services are free of charge to clients, and family and pets are able to be accommodated for visits and short term stays, if necessary.

Maison Albert House will serve up to 150 residents per year and is the first in Atlantic Canada to offer a pediatric room.

A Place Like Home

Maison Albert House is an option for patients with end-of-life care needs that can’t be met at home and who don’t require admission to an acute care facility.

Hospice is appropriate for patients who require end-of-life care. Patients have a life expectancy of less than 3 months and a PPS of 50% or less. The patient/family have care needs that cannot be met at home but do not require the care of an acute care facility.