Our Volunteers

Volunteer with us!

Did you know that volunteering improves your health by strengthening the body, improving your mood, and reducing your stress levels? 

We’re looking for a variety of volunteers in all aspects of our organization. 

Boutique Hospice Shoppe

Volunteer at the boutique sorting donations, stocking shelves, tidying displays, assisting on cash and much more besides.

Fundraisers & Events

Help us raise funds and awareness about Hospice SENB at community events and local markets.

In-home Hospice Care

Volunteer with palliative care clients in their own home and help others in the local community.

Maison Albert House

Our residence hosts volunteers in the kitchen, at reception, and in resident rooms.
For more information on any of these, email [email protected]

Stories and Testimonials

Betty Shoppe and Residence Volunteer

Volunteering for Hospice SENB has shown me just how important compassion can be in changing lives and how easy it is to do! A gentle hug, holding a hand warmly, a smile or listening attentively…..little actions that show people you care. Even as one person, it is possible to make a difference in another’s life. And the rewards far exceed the effort and sometimes the heartbreak. I have found great comfort and peace through helping others to experience their own.

Sharon In-home and Shoppe Volunteer

I started with Hospice doing in-home volunteering – I just loved it. You meet some of the nicest people who are dying. They don’t dwell on it, they just want to make the best of what time they have left and they know what they want to do.

Debbie Shoppe Volunteer

Feels like it is the right thing to do at this time in my life


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Becoming a volunteer at Hospice SENB is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Submit the following registration form:

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