Hospice SENB offers the following free and confidential programs to residents of Albert, Kent and Westmorland counties:

In-home Hospice Care for those who have been diagnosed as palliative.

“I had a senior client who lived alone. It was a pleasure to visit with him, I normally dropped by twice a week. He was well enough to leave the house and we would take long walks, he loved to talk, mostly about his family and past career, and sometimes about his treatments and upcoming doctor visits. I always let him lead the conversations. When his health issues changed we would go for drives and sometimes stop at a buffet, those were his favorite. I was with him for over a year, it was sad to say goodbye to him, but he was ready to go.” 

Caregiver Support Groups for those taking care of a loved one.

“During the Caregiver Support Group I learned to let go of my feelings, to make myself a priority and to do my mindful exercises.”

“In so many ways I feel less alone. I felt supported by other participants… it helped me heal.”

“Knowing there is a lot more support out there if and when I need it is comforting. I’m learning to take better care of myself emotionally and physically and I have a lot of resources now to help me with that.”

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Grief & Bereavement Support Groups for those who have lost a loved one.

“I felt very comfortable from the moment I stepped in. I loved that there was no pressure, if you wanted to share you did. It was nice to know that I was not alone, I felt like I could say anything and not be judged. The grief and bereavement sessions taught me that everything I was feeling was completely normal. It got me out of the house, I met new people and I had a purpose every week.”

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