Here's how to participate in the weekly Hospice SENB 50/50

Sign up for a Hospice SENB 50/50 Lottery ticket (or multiple tickets) 

  • Click here to pay with your Credit Card online

  • Click here to pay with Etransfer

  • Buy in-store at Boutique Hospice Shoppe, 164 Collishaw St.

  • Call Marisa Piccini (506) 688-6012

Once we receive your contact information and ticket payment, your ticket(s) will be placed  in the lottery raffle drum. 

An email confirmation will be sent to you including your lottery number and when you are pre-paid until. If you do not see the email, please check your junk folder. 

*Each number you buy is your number for life.

* Your lottery number will always be in the draw even if it isn’t paid. 

*If the number drawn has not been payed for, the winning amount will roll-over to the next week.

*Weekly deadline to pay is Tuesday at 4pm. 

*If you would like to cancel your number please call Marisa Piccini at (506) 688-6012